Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lester and Tina Pine

Born in 1917, Lester Pine got his start in Hollywood as a comedian before switching to screenwriting in the early 1950's. Tina,who was born Tina Rome in New York City, began her career as an actress, appearing in bit roles in 1950's Lilith, and 1952's Park Row before switching to screenwriting with future husband Les in the mid 1960's.  The two wrote for various tv shows including All in the Family.

Later in life, they penned three excellent films, all set in or around New York City that dealt humorously with poor, minority families.  I know very little else about this husband and wife writing team but am curious to learn more.  All three films feature amazing scenes between parents and children. The three films that I've seen by them are excellent.

These include:
Popi (1969)

Claudine (1974)

On The Right Track (1981)

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