Saturday, May 13, 2017

Vic Martin, Cartoonist

Vic Martin was an Argentinian cartoonist who was published in his home country prior to moving to America (possibly New York?) in the early 1950s.  His work was always humorous and he drew many back up features and gags for mainstream comics publishers such as Ziff Davis Comics.  But it seems, even from early on, that Martin had a special interest in drawing curvy women.  This was on full display in digest magazines put out by Humorama and other titles such as Cartoon Laffs and Bust Out Laffin'.

He also drew for many newsstand men's magazines such as Cavalcade, Jem and Monsieur.  Possibly inspired by Kurtzman and Elder's Little Annie Fanny for Playboy, Martin created his own multi-page sexsational heroine in the pages of Monsieur. This was The Swinger, and she appeared in several issues throughout 1967-1968.

Samples from The Swinger as published in Monsieur:

Vic Martin's second sexy humor comic book was a little bit more lurid.  It was called Puntella Primm, Sexy Superspy and was about a librarian that doubled as a secret agent.  It originally appeared in Daring Magazine (late 1960s) and it was reprinted in the 1990's as a comic book by Forbidden Fruit with some all new covers.

In the 1970's and 80's, Vic Martin was also a regular contributor to cartoon parody magazines such as Sick, Crazy and Cracked. (No relation to Mad's Don Martin).  The sample below from a 1967 issue of Cracked, was made during the same time period as the Swinger.  

I believe Martin also used the pseudonym Pierre Manent.  Either that or someone by this name had the exact same style as Vic.  Manent sample below:

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