Monday, August 13, 2012

TV Girl: Season Hubley

Season Hubley caught my attention for her portrayal of Salina Magee on the TV show Family. She appeared in roughly 4 episodes from 1976-1977. Salina Magee was the love interest of Willie Lawrence (Gary Frank), a teenage dropout. When I first saw Season on this program, I fell in love with her too! The character has a troubled past and health issues. She is also an aspiring writer. She meets Willie while working at a health food store. I suppose Salina is also supposed to be around 18 in the show, but Season Hubley was actually around 25 at this time (she was born in 1951). Her short hair and calm demeanor make her appear younger than she is. 

 I imagine Season Hubley landed the role of Salina Magee as a result of a previous role in a made-for-tv movie called She Lives (from 1973).  In this movie, Season also plays a troubled eighteen year old. Her love interest (played by Desi Arnaz Jr.) attempts to do all he can to save her life when he discovers she is dying from cancer. This is a melodramatic romance with a touch of humor thrown in. She also appeared in an episode of The Rookies from 1975 (another one of my favorite TV shows).

Hubley is probably most well-remembered for her portrayal of Priscilla Presly in the made-for-tv movie Elvis (1979, directed by John Carpenter). Kurt Russell played opposite her as Elvis in the picture. The two got married in real life around this time but divorced in 1983.
The late 1970’s and early 80’s were an active time for Hubley and saw her starring in more exploitational and sometimes adult material. Feature films included Hardcore (1979) and Vice Squad (1982). Both are impressive films, but somehow I prefer the sweeter Hubley from her earlier work. She continued to act well into the 1990’s. One of her last appearances as an actress was in a 1998 episode of Beverly Hills 90210!

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