Monday, January 24, 2011

More Theodora Keogh rare finds....

Two strange photo covers on these paperbacks of novels by Theodora Keogh.
I have long been fascinated with this author who I wrote to only a few years before her death. Some pictures of Theodora from my collection can be found here, as well as art by her husband at the time she was writing: Theodora Keogh link

Here is a photo of my favorite book by the author: The Tattooed Heart. The back cover has a nice photo of Theodora. I mailed this copy to Theodora and she was kind enough to sign and inscribe it for me.

Also recently found an old issue of The Paris Review (#4) that has a story by James Leo Herlihy illustrated by Tom Keogh as well as an ad for a restaurant that he illustrated. Definitely a good issue, I particularly enjoyed the amusing interview with author Irwin Shaw. It made me want to read his books.

Another obscure writer I have been somewhat obsessed with lately is William Gohm.
He wrote two novellas in 1960 that were published in hardcover only by Greenwich Books. I know absolutely nothing about this writer...but his simple writing and straightforward stories make a lot of sense to me. If I was ever to make a film, it might just be an adaptation of either of these. The titles are:
Illegal Entry
After a brief search on the internet, it looks like I might have the only copy of Junky available anywhere. Junky is a tragic love story about a man who works in a junkyard who falls in love with a wealthy woman who loves to race cars.

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