Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unofficial Scott Jacoby fanclub newsletter

Rare Scott Jacoby movies... Now on DVD.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I have had a decade long obsession with the actor Scott Jacoby. A good part of my twenties was spent tracking down the original 16mm prints of movies Scott starred in. Until recently, most of his movies have been totally unavailable. But it seems like there are other Scott fans out there too.
Here are the list of Scott movies now on DVD.

The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (amazon)
Our Winning Season (amazon)
Bad Ronald (Warner Archive)
That Certain Summer (modcinema)
No Place To Run (modcinema)
The Man Who Could Talk To Kids (modcinema)
Smash Up On Interstate 5 (modcinema)

My two favorites, however, have not been released on DVD:
update: Rivals has been released on Code Red DVD. Check
I imagine someone will get to archiving these soon.
I still have my old VHS copies.

Also of note are two musicals that Scott appeared/sang in are now available on compact disc. They are:
Cry For Us All
Golden Rainbow

Scott's self titled LP is still only on vinyl. Someone release it on cd. Please?
And while you're at it, how about the Dandelion Wine Musical soundtrack (that Scott also sings on). Or the vinyl record of The Door In The Wall (a book on tape which Scott narrates). And let's not forget the rare Scott Jacoby single "Ride A Wild Horse". Wow!

What else...So many Scott TV appearances. Check him out on the Golden Girls, for instance. He appeared in a couple of episodes. Get 'em from Netflix or the library! I am hoping that Shout Factory's release of Marcus Welby Season 1 does well and they will continue putting out box sets. Scott appeared in some great episodes in later seasons.

For clips of some Scott movies, please check out my Youtube site.
I also have more Scott photos & info here: Scott Jacoby forever!


  1. Scott has an LP? What kind of music is it?

  2. RIVALS is now available from modcinema too!