Thursday, April 1, 2010

The May - September romance

I am fond of this genre of movie...the romance movie where a young girl falls in love with an older guy. Probably the best example of this is the made-for-tv movie Sooner or Later by Bruce and Carol Hart. Bruce wrote the music as well (also known for composing the Sesame Street theme song). The cool thing about this movie is that Bruce and Car0l also wrote novels, 2 of which are sequels to the film. Bruce and Carol also worked on the short lived TV Show Hot Hero Sandwich (sort of like The Electric Company , but for teenagers).

Then, there is the May-September romance, where a young girl falls in love with an older, I mean really OLDER man. The best examples of this that I can think of are Circle of Two with Tatum O'Neal and Richard Burton (directed by Jules Dassin) and Breezy with Kay Lenz and William Holden (directed by Clint Eastwood).

Surprisingly enough, all of these movies are readily available on DVD.

There are also two episodes of Little House on the Prairie that deal with a romance between an older man and younger girl.  The first is an episode from Season One with Dr. Baker.  The second, is an episode I much prefer from season Nine, titled "Love".  It guest star Jill Schoelen, a really pretty girl with a voice that I love.  Her character is an old friend of Laura's and she is blind.  Mr. Edwards (Victor French) becomes friendly with her and they fall in love.  Mr. Edwards feels guilty about his feelings.  When the girl gets her vision back, she still has feelings for Mr. Edwards but he decides against pursuing her.    This is probably my second favorite episode of this program after the very excellent (and disturbing) episode entitled SYLVIA from season 7.

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