Monday, March 8, 2010

Scott Jacoby: International Star!

For your viewing pleasure: A couple of the rarest Scott Jacoby items out there. Foreign edition VHS cover for RIVALS (aka Deadly Rivals), Scott's first feature length starring role. This is the best movie Krishna Shah (The River Niger) ever directed and don't let the bad reviews convince you otherwise. Also stars a young Robert Klein. After his father's death, a young boy competes with her mother's new boyfriend for attention. He will stop at nothing! This horror film includes some of the strangest moments of Scott's career ever. A weird make-out scene with the babysitter, walking on the subway tracks, fighting with punks in Central Park West. Worth seeing alone for the beautifully shot on location scenes of New York City in the 1970's. Add on to that a brilliant soundtrack by the composer Peter Matz (who worked with Liza Minnelli, etc.), and this is a must see.
The second item is a German released single from Scott's only solo album (self-titled LP). Who knew Scott was popular in Germany? The LP has never been released on CD. Other recordings that feature a young Scott singing include a musical version of Dandelion Wine and two other Broadway flops: Cry For Us All and Golden Rainbow. The latter are both available on CD. Scott also read the book on tape (record, actually) for the Newbury award-winning children's book A Door In The Wall.

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